Francois Breton sculpting a statue for his project of calvary, Penn Enez en Plougerneau, Finistere, Brittany

We are in Brittany, on the coast of legends. A man is cutting a block of granite. This man is François Breton, sometimes called Fañch. Fañch is building the Calvary of the Estran. His bas-reliefs are allegories of lives. His statues, will be consisted ultimately of 300 units, take shape with the movements of his hammer and his graver. They seem to be alive. As in life, the end is not written, it remains to be discovered. Continue...

Sound of hammers and chisels hitting the rocks at the Calvary of Estran site, Plougerneau, Brittany, February 2021

 © Sculptures by François Breton/adagp and/or Goulven Loaec  

If you wish to help Fañch and his fellow sculptors to complete the building of this masterpiece and to leave a bit of yourself in the depths of the Calvary mystery, feel free to liaise with the “Association du Calvaire de l’Estran”: Postal address: « Association du Calvaire de l’Estran, chez M Marchand, Le Vougot, 29880 Plouguerneau, France » – Phone: +33 6 86 55 05 99 – Facebook page– Website.

Story: Acanthe/ Sophie Bellard, March 2021 – Photos and sound recording: Sophie Bellard, February 2021